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About Us

Southern Lady Sweets

While growing up in Durham, North Carolina, Jessica Simmons loved to be in the kitchen with her mother and grandmothers helping, learning, and most importantly, tasting everything they made. Jessica’s talent for baking came naturally and she took pride in making friends and family smile as they enjoyed her home baked goodies. Jessica created Southern Lady Sweets to share her gift with a larger audience. She provides tried and true old fashioned recipes that have been perfected throughout the years.

Customer Reviews

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Angie Jones

I ordered the cream cheese chocolate chip cookies and OMG! My entire family loved them. So soft and delicious...I could tell they were made with love and care, a true trait of Southern cooking. They also came packaged in a beautiful wrapped box...would be a perfect gift! I'll definitely be back; especially for my holiday orders!

Tamara H. Straughn

My very favorite pie of all time and this one didn't disappoint me. It was SO very good. Rich, moist and creamy center with a flaky perfection pie shell.

Elizabeth M.

Thanks for my chocolate pie and lemon pound cake!! They are soooooo good! If ya'll haven't tried Southern Lady Sweets you need to get on it!!


I promise that this is what you want! AMAZING! As good as the pic looks, it still doesn't do them justice. DELICIOUS and perfect for the season!


The strawberry cake is AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGGG. This was the first time I ate cake for breakfast because it was THAT GOOD!

Tamara H. Straughn

These cookies are out-of-this-world delectable! There's only one "con" about them ..... you can't stop with just one. Impossible!

Johnny Jones

The chocolate pie is perfect! It's one of those desserts you wind up eating the whole thing in one sitting. So good.


The many different cookies I have eaten was the bomb. Betty Crocker couldn't touch them!

Chanda H.

Great customer service and the cookies were delicious! #truesouthernlady

Jonathan C.

My coworkers were giving each other high fives, it was so good!

Kuwanna P.

My mom loved the pound cake! She can't stop talking about it.

Tamara H. Straughn

Soft, chewy, deliciousness. Superb!

Denise E.

This cake is pretty darn amazing!!!


Best. Pecan Pie. Ever.

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